Difference Between new cars & old cars:

Used Cars Issues: 

  • when you buy a used car you don’t know what you getting.

  • there are many problems in used cars.

  • You can say that who cannot buy a new car then, we can say that just wait and then purchase.

  • The reason for waiting is you can buy a used car now the next day there is soo many problems in the car.

  • For example, You buy a used car in 10000$, but now what’s next? the car is not working well! OMG, its the biggest issue now you give a big amount for repairing a car. Now What’s next Give a big amount…

When you buy a new car:

  • When you buy a new car there are no issues in a Brand new car.

  • A new car looks Sexy.

  • when you go to a long drive with someone special then a new car gives you the smoothness and flexibility and smooth drive.

  • Everything in the car or out the car looks good.